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Ancla 2

Dani Jr.

The generational relief


The boss


The founder


The new generation  

What was before, the egg or Casa Dani?


Located in the lively Mercado de La Paz, in the Salamanca district in Madrid, Casa Dani is our home and your home, even more bustling than the market itself.

The story of Casa Dani is the story a family, a story about dedication and passion, about effort and perseverance, work and satisfaction. In 1991 we started this adventure and 25 years later, we have not lost neither a bit of the illusion and joy of feeding more than 200 people a day.

Our keys are simple and clear: honesty, quality and authenticity.

We are lucky to live in one of the best traditional markets in Madrid, which provides us with the best products to make our recipes. That is authentic "market cuisine", made every day with the ingredients we buy around us.

However, this would be nonsense without the Lola's hands, the matriarch and our example of daily struggle, our main cook. She make all our delicious dishes in which to dip bread, which will remind you your mother and grandmother's food, the traditional Mediterranean food , full of stories and emotions.

Our family portrait is completed with Dani, none of this would be possible without him. He gives the name to the place, and its entire soul. Thanks to Dani our house has a strong character, an unmistakable atmosphere, and that characteristic noise produced by the rhythm of the kitchen and the tables.

In our house there is always a rush and a lot of work to do, there is also love for the job well done and smiles that widen the heart. The Casa Dani family is not only linked by blood ties, our team is our family, our friends and our clients too.

There is probably no better way for you to meet us than to come to our door. You will be always welcome.

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