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CASA DANI at home

Service available from Wednesday to Sunday in Madrid

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CASA DANI In Somebody Feed Phil"

We had the pleasure of hosting @phil.rosenthal and his Somebody Feed Phil program at our location. Take a look at this 100% recommended program (Chapter 5 of the 5th season) where we gave Phil to try our Tortilla Pinchos, opening the eternal debate of With onion or Without onion?

the best omelette in spain

On the afternoon of March 26, 2019, she was the winner of the 'II National Tortilla Championship' held within the framework of the 'International Potato Food Forum' in Tenerife.

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The Madrid Academy of Gastronomy announced on October 14 who are the winners of the IV Edition of the Gastronomy Awards of the Community of Madrid, awarding Casa Dani the Bar Prize 2019

Two omelette queens and a route to enjoy the best

Carmen Carro, from Taberna Pedraza, and Lola Cuerda, from Casa Dani, sign two of the most desired in the capital and tell us how they make them. And, since today is Tortilla Day, we have added a tour to try other famous and well-known ones

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CASA DANI from Madrid supporting WCK!

You can make your contribution through our donation page on WCK or include a €1 donation in your order with Uber Eats

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